A LASTING System Q&A session with Slavko Pandurov, ‎Regional Sales Manager – Balkans & Middle Europe – ‎Avigilon

A LASTING System Q&A session with Slavko Pandurov, ‎Regional Sales Manager – Balkans & Middle Europe – ‎Avigilon

What meaningful trends have you noticed lately in the video surveillance and security industry?


The industry has shown that some trends are slowing down, due to the race to the bottom phenomena. Not so long ago, the cyber protection and artificial intelligence (AI)-based analytic algorithms were not being seriously taken into consideration. The price the main differentiator when organizations made their decisions as far as video surveillance solutions were concerned. But in recent years, I am happy to see that recognition for advanced video surveillance system capabilities is also taken into consideration, as opposed to just the price.

Also, AI-based analytics now has its due place in the enterprise video surveillance niche. It serves two main purposes, namely:

Enhancing the actual security levels. Self-learning and AI analytics are significantly improving the system security and bringing a new era of system autonomy (employing analytics to perfect the ongoing surveillance);

Enabling Business Intelligence (BI). Many BI functionalities benefit from video surveillance analytics. For example, companies can use this data to measure productivity rates and relevant KPI’s.

Another important trend is that we see higher industry demand for cloud-based video surveillance solutions. Cloud-based is more cost-efficient and more scalable: basically, all data coming from distributed locations goes into one place. Processing the information is easier and more relevant, while the infrastructure is no longer an issue for the customers, as is the case in all cloud-based structures. The cameras stream the data into the cloud, and the system owner may access it any time, from any (authorized) device.

When facing these changes, what do you recommend for success?


I always come back to the same motto, which is never obsolete: “You always need a good team to get good results”.
Create personalized, dedicated and professional responses to customer requirements and needs. This has resulted in successful deployments of major important government, industry and corporate security projects in the past year. Quality always prevails.

What would you say are the main Avigilon technology differentiators?


Avigilon brings new value to the global market in terms of unique technologies.

Look at the High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) we developed. It drastically reduces server-client bandwidth requirements, regardless whether you’re using tens or hundreds of megapixels in your system. The HDSM technology optimizes the use of client computing resources and enables greater scalability & increased camera resolution. If multiple cameras are being displayed in the Avigilon Control Center software with full field of view, the lower resolution stream is sent from the server to the client. When the user engages a camera and digitally zooms in for greater detail, the higher resolution stream is provided. However, only the portion from that region of interest is sent. This dramatically reduces the amount of information exchanged between the server and client, by only providing the information that the user needs at that time, regardless of resolution.

We are now able to deploy large video solutions, instantaneously. We have the modern hardware for this. Our 7K (30MP) H4 HD Pro camera, for example, provides the coverage area of over 99 traditional VGA resolution cameras and delivers detailed images even in extreme lighting conditions. It also integrates with the HDSM System I was telling about before.

Our hardware platform that natively supports AI-based analytic capabilities enables fast tracking actions and considerably improves incident-response times, be it in city surveillance or in other practical application, such as malls or retail stores.

With this technology, incident management is greatly improved. Our customers can easily establish the last point a vehicle or a person has been seen, have at their disposal the necessary timestamp or audit trail of the events.

Our appearance search model is unique. No other vendor can compete with the Avigilon Appearance Search technology, nor with the Unusual Motion Detection technology – as both technologies are using AI natively and seamlessly. We use a sophisticated deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) search engine for video images, which can go through hours of footage and quickly locate the person of vehicle that makes the object of our customers’ search.

Just think of the way such solutions may serve in improving public safety in large urban areas, making borders safer, and in easing the customs-related activities. The technical advancements introduced by Avigilon open up new horizons when it comes to the practical use of video surveillance solutions.

What do you think of the Romanian video surveillance and security market?


Romania has a mature market and experienced video surveillance professionals with a high level of operational consultancy available, and addressing directly the customer’s needs. The customers are coming almost equally from both the public and the private sector, which is a sign of a healthy and fluent market, as well. More education is still needed, however interest levels are strong and the outcome looks promising.
Implementing custom/specific system design is important, as it triggers high customer satisfaction. The Balkan region stands out in terms of response and of proactively taking action when it comes to customer requirements, which is also a relevant key point for all of us engaged within this market.

Can you summarize the current Avigilon unique selling proposition?


Briefly, we offer exactly what our customers need. To video surveillance we added self-learning analytics, AI-based analytics, and provide optional cloud-based surveillance solutions. As we’re globally recognized as an end-to-end solution provider, our development and deployment of solutions such as IP video intercoms, radar technology presence detectors and other interconnected SW/HW solutions. All these remain strongly recognized by the market and by our partners.

How does the Avigilon solution environment look like?


As already mentioned, Avigilon is recognized as an end-to-end solution provider. We implement native and seamless integrations of our video surveillance and access control solutions. We are an open platform for third-party integrations – and I don’t mean here just integrating 3rd party cameras into the Avigilon surveillance solution. Let us not forget the importance of the context in which the Avigilon solutions can provide self-learning analytics to any 3rd-party ONVIF IP camera connected to the Avigilon Control Center video management software. Currently, the Avigilon solution offers a unique set of practical use cases, supporting AI-based tools such as Appearance Search and Unusual Motion Detection, which are available as fully functional building blocks of the complete solution we offer.
The Avigilon solution environment means more system capabilities, more openness and more integrated SW/HW solutions, which in turn ensure increased value and customer satisfaction. Our regional partners are supporting all the processes as an integral part of the Avigilon solution, and we’re strongly counting on them to support the market and customer needs in an excellent manner.

Speaking of partners, what can you tell us of the Avigilon – LASTING System partnership?


First of all, we want to let the market know that in 2018 we registered our 39th consecutive quarter of growth at Avigilon. This goes towards confirming out profitability as a company, as well as the fact that we are the company of choice for an increasing number of customers across all industries. This further acknowledges that the Avigilon solutions are cost-efficient, given all integrated capabilities into concern – and this reflects on how our partnerships are built, as well.

We are proud of our partnership with LASTING System. Our joint efforts have resulted in high-end, important projects, some of them with major government institutions. We are glad to see that our USP reaches some prestigious customers in your country. With LASTING, the current and potential Avigilon clients clearly understand why we are the brand of choice in video surveillance. We are the natural choice for the government and industrial sectors in Romania, as well as for the enterprise customers. Coming back to what I previously said, the reason for this, the driving factor behind our innovative, high-tech solutions is our aim to respond directly and efficiently to the needs of customers.

It is as simple as that.

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